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The She Launches Dreams Network is a membership-based network dedicated to help women get "it" done, whatever "it" is. The network was created to bring hope to women and encourage them to dream. Our mission for the She Launches Dreams Network is to 1. Provide a platform where women can achieve their dreams, 2. In an environment that facilitates hope, love and results, 3. With experts who have a sincere desire to create positive change among women, 4. that share a mission of inspiring results and chain-reacting change.

Membership Features

We have great perks and services for all our members.

SheDreamers Institute

The She Launches Dreams Education Platform, The SheDreamers Institute has live webinars, on-demand courses and Tier I & II programs to help every woman at any point in her dream process. 

She Launches Dreams Publishing

Need a push to complete your writing?  Need to figure out the world of self-publishing?  Need cover-artwork or marketing materials?  The SLD Publishing is a one stop shop for all your book-writing needs.


Lead by our “Dream Pushers,” ResultsGroups are four-week small groups aimed at helping you see results in various areas. Whether it be a personal or professional goal, we’ve got you covered.

Meet our Experts- The "Dream Pushers"

The key to our success is that we have experts and coaches here to help you succeed!

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She Launches Dreams has open enrollment all year, however we start our ResultsGroups and other programs at the beginning of each month. To be involved in this cycle, join now! Click the button below to learn about our membership levels.

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